Footage from the Kalari Demo at the Japanese Summerfestival in Fulda August 14th

by Kai on August 15, 2011

The footage from this past weekend’s Kalari demonstration at the Japanese Summerfestival and the 10th anniversary of the Kendo Kenkyukai Club Fulda is online. It was a first event of this kind, the high-spirited efforts led by Kendo Teacher Roland Gericke, friend and martial artist with a scope that goes beyond the boundaries of his own art.

The event did not only give us a chance to showcase Kalari in front of martial arts affine audience, but also enabled us to promote the local Kalari school led by Dana Bohlender, who also runs an ayurvedic practice in Fulda.

The Kalari demonstration featured the Salutation form, Sword and Shield Solo, Arapukai- and Parkachakkal Meippayat Forms, as well as Longstick and Shortstick. The dynamic demonstration closed with Otta, the unique wooden Kalari weapon reminiscent of an elephant tusk or one half of a bow.

All proceeds of the event were donated towards the people of Japan. The event was highly inspiring and we felt honored to be able to present Kalarippayat asĀ  ancient martial art and possible forefather of some of the modern and yet classical martial arts from Japan that were featured during the event.

Our thanks go to Kendo Teacher Roland Gericke, the Kendo Kenkyukai Club Fulda and all the helping hands that made the event happen. See you again in 2012!

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