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This page is dedicated to ancient Southern Indian Martial- and Healing Art Kalarippayat, also known as Kalarippayattu or simply Kalari.

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I am very honored to be presenting Kalarippayat at the 2012 Divine Play Festival in San Francisco Kalari Sessions at the Divine Play Festival in San Francisco. The session will be on Sunday October 14, 10:30am-12:15pm.

Kalari Sessions at Divine Play Festival 2012

Join the Kalari Sessions at Divine Play 2012

The session will focus on the foundations of the practice, with a focus on the Kalari Vandanam, the saluation form of Vadakkan Sampradayam aka the Northern Style of Kalari. It will be a rare chance to get a glimpse of the authentic Kalari practice on US soil.

You can check the detailed schedule of this year’s festival here.


It has been a while and my bandwidth for modern communication feels limited these days. However, the newsletter for the upcoming Kalari workshops in Germany is finally online, the highlight being my first visit to Balance Yoga in Frankfurt with a day of intensive Kalari for both beginners and intermediate abhyasis.

Kalari Newsletter Kai Hitzer August 2012

Kalari Newsletter August 2012

I haven’t managed to translate the information, but feel free to contact me with any questions if you happen to be in the area and interested in attending. Also, feel free to join my english mailinglist, which will keep you posted about my upcoming workshops in California later this year.


Kalari Workshop for Children and Adults in Topanga this upcoming weekend!

June 5, 2012
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June 23rd – July 2nd: Abundance Retreat 2012 – Kalari, AcroYoga and Kirtan in Sweden

May 25, 2012

Prepare for a rare treat and save the date: Just two days after the summer solstice, the Abundance Retreat will commence under the northern skies in beautiful Hallungen, Sweden. Practice, ground and grow with Kalari and AcroYoga, practices that both require courage and focus, as well as detachment and flow – this retreat is the [...]

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Safe Journey into 2012

December 31, 2011

It has already been three weeks since I have been back in “God’s Own Country”, Kerala, to study with my Kalari teacher C.M. Sherif Gurukkal. Many things have been left undone in 2011, including the editing of the footage from the Kalari Fall Immersion and the update for the upcoming Kalari workshops and retreats 2012. [...]

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Kalari Fall Immersion 2011 – registration for the remaining places has begun

September 5, 2011

The first german and pan-european Kalari Fall Immersion is drawing near. The event was initially planned as a get-together of the leading german Kalari instructors from the lineage of C.M. Sherif Gurukkal. However, due to a lot of interest and feedback the event finally opened it’s doors to practicioners and instructors from Germany and beyond. [...]

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Footage from the Kalari Demo at the Japanese Summerfestival in Fulda August 14th

August 15, 2011

The footage from this past weekend’s Kalari demonstration at the Japanese Summerfestival and the 10th anniversary of the Kendo Kenkyukai Club Fulda is online. It was a first event of this kind, the high-spirited efforts led by Kendo Teacher Roland Gericke, friend and martial artist with a scope that goes beyond the boundaries of his [...]

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“Kalarippayattu – The Graceful Indian Martial Art and its Teachings on Focus and Presence”

August 13, 2011

August’s online edition of LAYoga features a great article from LA-based Kalari instructor Yukiko Amaya, a fellow student of our beloved Kalari teacher C.M. Sherif Gurukkal and a friend from my days of teaching Kalari in LA. As far as I remember, the blood of a samurai-lineage runs in Yukiko’s veins, which might explain the [...]

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Kalari mailing list now fully functional

August 10, 2011

Due to a technical problem with conflicting WordPress Widgets, the Kalari Mailing List was not functional. Every time you clicked on the Widget on the right you would just be transfered back to the Home Page without being brought a single step closer to actually receiving the Kalari Newsletter. The glitch is fixed now and [...]

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Kalari Workshops 2011; Thekkan Workshop and Kalari demo in Fulda

July 30, 2011

The list of upcoming Kalari Workshops and Retreats has been updated. The next event will be the Thekkan (Southern Style Kalari) Workshop that I will co-teach with another Senior Student of C.M. Sherif Gurukkal, Alexander Kutschera, on August 13th in Fulda, Germany. Alexander has been practicing Kalarippayat with Sherifka for two consecutive years and has [...]

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